Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Amazon Rain Forest: Yanomami Woman

Yanomami woman of Brazil’s Amazon rain forest.

In 1982 I spent a month sharing her people’s lives and a place at one of their fires for my hammock.

Though the Yanomami look primitive, they have a keen sense of humor and are in no way less intelligent than us. They know good from bad and could teach many of us how to better raise our children. They could teach us many things, even if we have more to teach them.

What surprised me most of the Yanomami was not their apparent differences, but how much like us they really are. Though they lived isolated for hundreds or thousands of years, and were first contacted only in the 1950s, I saw among them all the characters we deal with every day in our own world.  The leader, the politician, the mediator, the actor, the bully, the clown, the inventor, the philosopher, the artist, and even the paper shuffler. They only needed the clothes, the tools, and the right surroundings  to look the part.
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  1. What a wonderful bunch of photos, and good writing and sentiments about some really wonderful people-a real fiesta! thanks so much.